Ledger’s Tonic Waters

Introducing you to some of the finest tonic waters in the world!

The Gin Lab are proud to introduce the stunning Ledger’s range of Tonic Waters which we import and distribute nationally throughout the UK.

For trade customers, the Ledger’s Tonic Water range is available either directly from our warehouse or from our national network of stockists who we have personally approved and selected.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for pricing or details on where to purchase for your bar or restaurant.

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For home customers, the fantastic range of Ledger’s Tonic Waters will soon be available by the case from our new Online Shop but we are able to ship to you right now, please phone or email for details. To purchase individual bottles, please visit our friends at:

The lowest calorie flavoured tonic waters in the world!

Ledger’s Tonic Waters not only benefit from containing the finest quinine in the world, the makers also only use trace amounts of sugar and have eliminated artificial sweeteners from their recipe, replacing them with natural Stevia. Stevia is derived from the Stevia bush and it has been used to sweeten food for hundreds of years by the peoples of Paraguay and Brazil where the finest varieties grow natively. The major advantage of Stevia over other sweeteners is that it does not contain calories! Sweetening with natural Stevia means that a bottle of Ledger's Tonic Water contains only 23 calories, making it the lightest range of flavoured Tonic Waters in the world!

Ledger's235.5 g0 mg
Schweppes 9023.0 g35 mg
Britvic399.0 g0 mg
Fever-Tree9021.6g2 mg
Q Tonic247.0 g7 mg
Seagrams8022.0 g30 mg

Four Exciting Flavours:


Ledger’s Tonic Water Original

Made using the finest quinine from the Cinchona Ledgeriana and sweetened with natural stevia. A perfect match for premium gins be they citrus, fruity, earthy or spicy.


Ledger’s Tonic Water and Tangerine

Fresh and unmistakable taste of tangerine with a citrus touch, it blends well with many spirits be they fruit or dry, or perfect to enjoy on its own any time of day.


Ledger’s Tonic Water and Cinnamon

Slightly spicy with a clear taste of cinnamon. A fantastic tonic which blends perfectly with many artisan gins but is also perfect served with spiced rum or dark spirits.


Ledger’s Tonic Water and Licorice

Ledger's Tonic Water and Licorice stimulates your sense of smell, thus enabling you to enjoy the aromas and taste of your drink. A truly unique tonic with a soft hint of licorice.

The story of Charles Ledger...

After returning to South America in 1864, following a failed business venture importing Alpaca’s into Australia, Charles Ledger turned his attention from Alpaca’s to the cinchona tree. The bark of the cinchona tree yields quinine, which had been used for hundreds of years by the Incas to create an effective treatment for malaria.

At that time, the cinchona tree grew natively in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia but due to the trees being excessively harvested for their quinine using non-sustainable methods, they were on the verge of extinction. The exporting of chinchona trees, or their seeds, from these countries was therefore prohibited under penalty of death for anyone found to be doing so.

Whilst exploring Bolivia, Charles Ledger came across a variety of the cinchona tree whose bark contained a surprisingly high percentage of fine quality quinine. This new variety of the tree was later classified under the name of Cinchona Ledgeriana as a tribute to Charles Ledger, the man who first discovered its potential.

Ledger realised the threat posed to the trees and was compelled to save the source of this valuable natural medicine for the benefit of the whole world. In 1865, under great difficulties, Ledger with the assistance of his servant Manuel Incra Manami, collected several pounds of chinchona tree seeds which he then smuggled out of the country to his brother George Ledger in London, entrusting him to share them across Europe.

Ledger’s servant was tragically jailed, beaten, and eventually starved to death for his participation in the seed smuggling scheme and Ledger himself narrowly managed to escape back to Europe. Most seeds were sold to the Dutch Government while the rest were sent out to India and Australia.

Ledger did a great service to the world as millions of cinchona trees now grown in India and Java sprang from those original seeds which he risked his own life to collect and export. Over 40 years after those original seeds left South America, the Ledger varieties of cinchona were still one of the best quinine yielders. Even now, the present day relatives of those trees still produce some of the world’s finest quinine which is used in Ledger’s Tonic Water today.

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